Painting of the Month/Year Rules

Painting of the Month Rules

  • Submissions will be in .jpg form and emailed to Alyslynn Lemke at: with the name of the piece.
  • Deadline: before noon on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • Voting will be on the WASH website from the 2nd Saturday 1:30 PM – Monday 1:30 PM and it is open to the general public.
  • Announcement of the winners will be after the general meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month unless there is no meeting in which case the announcement will be on the website and through email. Entrants are encouraged to come and share their thoughts on their paintings.
  • WASH members in good standing may enter one painting per month.
  • Paintings must be originals by the artist and should not have been copied from any painting or copyrighted photograph. If a painting is questioned, the artist may switch it for another without penalty.
  • Any painting that is fairly recently created and has not won an award at a WASH show is eligible to enter.
  • Non-members and past members may enter a one-time free entry without membership. They will be encouraged to come to the meeting and consider joining WASH. Winner of the 1st Place must be a WASH member, so if a non-member wins they must join or lose their placement.
  • The WASH Painting of the Month is meant to be challenging and fun. All levels of artists are encouraged to join in and vote for their favorites. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other during the meeting.

Painting of the Year Rules

  • JUDGE 2020: Daniel Petersen –
  • Announcement of Winners: On Website and during January General Meeting
  • WASH Members in good standing will be permitted to have up to 12 paintings entered. WASH members only may enter this contest and the same rules as above apply. Please be sure your dues are up to date or join before December 25th.
  • 2020 ONLY: Members may submit up to 3 more paintings representing Jan., Feb. and March 2020. Deadline for these 3 paintings: Midnight December 31, 2020.
  • Paintings will be divided into categories with ribbons for each category. These are subject to change depending on the number of entrants. This is a fun contest and will be run like the California county fairs.
  • Divisions:
    Developing/Intermediate Artist
    Advanced Amateur/Professional Artist
  • Categories:
    Still Life and Indoor Scene
    Land & Seascape
    People – portraits and figures
    Architecture & Machinery
    Animals – Pets & Wildlife
    Plants and Flowers
  • Questions:
    AlysLynn Lemke
    WASH 2020 Show Coordinator
    Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons