WASH meets on the second Monday of the month except July and August. Meeting times alternate between evening and afternoon. Odd months meet at 1:30PM and even months meet at 7PM. Meetings will now be held both in person at the Art Center and online via Zoom.

November Meeting – 11/8/2021, 1:30 pm, In person and Zoom meeting
Carol Hawkins:
Carol Hawkins will demonstrate her use of acrylic paints. Carol has been a professional painter for nearly 25 years and has taught painting for nearly as long. Her use of acrylic with mixed media is well known in our region and beyond. Acrylic, as well as gouache, casein, and tempera are seldom used by WASH members but have always been listed as permited mediums in our show prospectus, as long as they are somewhat diluted. Many of the paintings in the traveling AWS show are totally or partially acrylic. Join us in person in November for a different perspective on watercolor.

, Carol Hawkins