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42nd Open Show – 2020 Awards

Best of Show
Flying Squirrel #2
Steve Walters
1st Award of Excellence
Squeeze the Day
Susy Soulies
2nd Award of Excellence
Notre Dame II St Genevieve
Ronnie Rector
1st Award of Merit
Steak and Peppers
Lucinda Johnson
2nd Award of Merit
Dare Me
Jo Kopp
3rd Award of Merit
Rose Bush
Ralph Wilson
4th Award of Merit
Emerald Habitat
Barbara Kempe
Olive I. Schmid Award sponsored by Ms. Jan Miskulin
Tribal Branch
Colleen Reynolds
Julie Houy Award sponsored by Ms. Jodie Mexas
Cautious Canoer
Sue Davis
Strathmore Special Award sponsored by Pacon Corp.
Maria Porter
Don and Dorothy Steed Award sponsored by Ms. Dorothy Steed
Pansies and Pot
Tim Sloan
Images of Light Award sponsored by Jim Ginney Fine Art
Photography and Framing
Reluctant Cowpokes
Nancy Wedick
Artistic Edge Award sponsored by Artistic Edge Gallery and Framing
Just Below the Surface
Diane Pargament
Noel Flynn Gallery Award sponsored by Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory
California Summer Sunlight
Michael Friedland
Honorable Mention 1
Inside Outside Unnameable Books
(Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn)

Meridith McNeal
Honorable Mention 2
Antique Tractor Parade
AlysLynn Lemke
Honorable Mention 3
Honfleur Rue
Wyleta McDanniel
Honorable Mention 4
Piper Bostley in her Band Uniform
Edward Bostley
Honorable Mention 5
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
David Peterson
Honorable Mention 6
Lake Tahoe Afternoon Thunderstorm
Michael Kroes
Honorable Mention 7
Night City
Mary Wang-Steele
Honorable Mention 8
Honey Crisp
Tana Smith
Honorable Mention 9
Succulent Beauty
Phyllis Orzalli
Honorable Mention 10
Floral Vibrations
Jan Miskulin
*Judge's Award by Dale Laitinen
Flying Squirrel
Steve Walters
*Show Chair's Award by AlysLynn Lemke
Mountain Scene
Cheri Guerrette
*Awarded to any painting the judge
feels is worthy, regardless of other awards
to the artist or painting.