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43rd Member Show Awards – 2021

Best of Show Love Letters Susy Soulies
1st Award of Excellence
Keeper of the Keep
Diane Tharp
2nd Award of Excellence Christmas Cactus Timothy Sloan
Julie Houy Award sponsored by Ms. Jodie Mexas
Cynthia Farmer
Don and Dorothy Steed Award Silverfork Rapids
Alyslynn Lemke
Noel Flynn Gallery Award sponsored by Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory
Autumn Waterfall
Rebecca Jaggers
1st Award of Merit
Boys will be Boys
Ronnie Rector
2nd Award of Merit
Vanishing Point
Lucinda Johnson
3rd Award of Merit
Summer Hug
Maura Madden Donovan
4th Award of Merit
Kristi Warren
Honorable Mention 1
Valley Farm
Peter Rodgers
Honorable Mention 2
Tana Smith
Honorable Mention 3
Sausalito Sailer
Michael Friedland
Honorable Mention 4
Four Gents
Susan Davis
Honorable Mention 5
The Garden Cottage
Sandra Mathiesen
Honorable Mention 6
Cliffside View
Diane Pargament
Honorable Mention 7
Mountains at Loon Lake Helen Plenert
Honorable Mention 8
Nature's Dance Jan Miskulin
Honorable Mention 9
Pelican Party Jan Atwood-Ramey