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43rd Open Show Awards – 2021

Best of Show
Cathedral Banners
Stephen Walters
1st Award of Excellence
Crossing Cultures
Jo Kopp
2nd Award of Excellence
Sumo Tea Susy Soulies
Olive I. Schmid Award sponsored by Ms. Jan Miskulin
Hillside Village
Diane Pargament
Julie Houy Award sponsored by Ms. Jodie Mexas
Moraine Lake Canada
Michael Kroes
Donald and Dorothy Steed Award sponsored by Ms. Dorothy Steed
End of Season
Maura Madden Donovan
Images of Light Award sponsored by Jim Ginney Fine Art
Photography and Framing
Fishing Village
Peter Rodgers
Noel Flynn Gallery Award sponsored by Noel Flynn Gallery and Frame Factory
Ronnie Rector
Nancy Haley Award Dancing in the Fields Ralph F. Wilson
1st Award of Merit
Pot of Gold Symphony
Debra Williams
2nd Award of Merit
Susan Davis
3rd Award of Merit
Bottles of Light
Kathleen Thomas
4th Award of Merit
David Peterson
Honorable Mention 1
Elaine Schaefer Hudson
Honorable Mention 2
Bird of Paradise
Anna Rolin
Honorable Mention 3
California Summer Sunlight
Michael Friedland
Honorable Mention 4
Forest Fragments
Anette Rink
Honorable Mention 5
The Alley
Catherine Alltucker
Honorable Mention 6
Visitor at the Cascades
Alyslynn Lemke
Honorable Mention 7
Camp 18, Oregon
Chris Knopp
Honorable Mention 8
Field Trip to Saint Paul’s Cathedral
Nancy Wedick
Honorable Mention 9 and Judge's Award by Juan Peña
Canyon Light
Lucinda Johnson
Judge's Award by Myrna Wacknov
Natural Swirls Anna Rolin